Atrust Release Note zur Linux Firmware 2.77-ISFL

Veröffentlicht am 14. April 2022 um 14:09

Mit der aktuellen x86 Linux Version (März 2022) werden folgende Clients unterstützt:  A210L, t76L, t176L, t177L, t180L, t225L 

Atrust Device Manager v2.30.009 und höher

Linux Kernel 5.11.0

Firefox web browser ESR 91.4.0

Chromium 95.0.4638.69

 Citrix Workspace app 

Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine 2.9.400-2702
VMware Horizon client 2111-8.4.0-18957622
Parallels client 18.2.222861
ACS CCID smart card reader driver v1.1.5-1

 SPICE Client 7.0

Amazon Workspace Client

 ThinLinc 4.13.0-2172

 Ericom Client

Tiger VCN Viewer v1.7.0

 Microsoft Teams

Zoom 5.9.1-1380
 Zoom VDI plugin

 HPLIP 3.21.2


Limitierungen / bekannte Probleme:


  • 64-bit F/W ist nur für 2 GB RAM SKU

  • Diese Firmware unterstützt nicht den Linux Client t225LQ - Bitte hier die Firmware 2.71-CCEA nutzen!

  • 64-bit F/W lässt sich nicht downgraden zu 32-bit F/W durch den ADM

  • Chromium Browser ist nur für 2GB RAM und 8 GB storage freigegeben

  • Microsoft Teams and Zoom sind nur für 2 GB RAM und 8 GB Storage freigegeben

    Firefox Browser unterstützt nicht das "Shockwace Flash" Plugin

      Ethernet IEEE802.1X Authentication may become "Unauthorized" if network is re-connected or OS rebooted.
    Workaround – Disable 802.1X Authentication-> Reboot client ->Enable 802.1X Authentication again.


Microsoft RDP

  • Erlaubt nur 2 RDP Sessions gleichzeitig 

  • Can't auto switch audio output during RDP/Citrix session connecting once plugging USB speaker device.

    Workaround Please close the session then launch it again.
  • Kein Support für mehrere Displays gleichzeitig mit einer Auflösung von 3840 x 2160 
    Workaround – Bitte ändern Sie ein Display auf weniger als 3840 x 2160.
    Hinweis:  Windows RDP Client hat das gleiche Problem.


    Citrix ICA

    ◼  Clicking on Application Selection screen of Citrix XenApp will bring the screen to the front and leave all launched applications hidden behind.
    Workaround: Use Alt+Tab to select and restore a hidden application.
  • ◼  Can't auto switch audio output during RDP/Citrix session connecting once plugging USB speaker device.
    Workaround Please close the session then launch it again. 
  • Citrix session performance may not be good such as system may stuck while logout or mouse cursor may be out-of-sync, etc.
    Workaround – Please disable the “HDX Adaptive Transport '' setting in Citrix policy

 VMware PCoIP / Blast Extreme

  • VMware session would redirect USB Bluetooth devices by default and some hosts may not work well.

    Workaround – Please deny Bluetooth device ID in Redirection Rules in ACS VMware setting.

  • Occasionally opening VMware session with dragging the window, the window’s title bar would disappear.
    Workaround – Resize the window can recover it.

Amazon Workspace

  • Amazon Workspace accessing by Linux Clients are disabled by default.
    NOTE: Need to enable it manually in AWS website setting: Directories --> Update Details --> Access Control Options

Parallels Client

  • Hot-key behaviors such as “Windows” key cannot work normally if connect RAS public session with 4K(3840x2160) resolution on t176L and t225L thin-client.

    NOTE:It can work with lower resolution such as 2560x1440.

  •  RS-232 mapping is not supported with Parallels Client.

  •  MMR is not supported on Parallels Client session.

  •  RAS resource policy cannot override Parallels Client Policy for Parallels shortcut created by ACS

    Workaround – Use native Parallels Client for applying RAS policy

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