Atrust Release Notes zur Firmware 2.71-ISFL

Veröffentlicht am 26. Februar 2021 um 12:50

Mit der aktuellen x86 Linux Version (Feb. 2021) werden folgende Clients unterstützt:  A210L, t76L, t176L, t177L, t180L, t225L 

Atrust Device Manager v2.30.007 und höher

Linux Kernel 5.4.0

Firefox web browser ESR 78.3.0

Chromium 86.0.4240.75

 Citrix Workspace app 

Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine 2.9.0-2419
VMware Horizon client 5.5.0-17109797
Parallels client 17.1.21869
ACS CCID smart card reader driver v1.1.5-1

 Zoom Citrix Plugin 5.3.469515.0927

 SPICE Client 7.0

 Amazon Workspace Client

 ThinLinc 4.12.0-6517

 Ericom Client

Tiger VCN Viewer v1.7.0

 Microsoft Teams

Zoom 5.5.6955.0131
 Zoom VDI plugin 5.4.53376.1029


Limitierungen / bekannte Probleme:


  • 64-bit F/W ist nur für 2 GB RAM SKU

  • Diese Firmware unterstützt nicht den Linux Client t225LQ - Bitte hier die Firmware 2.71-ACEA nutzen!

  • 64-bit F/W lässt sich nicht downgraden zu 32-bit F/W durch den ADM

  • Chromium Browser ist nur für 2GB RAM und 8 GB storage freigegeben

    Firefox Browser unterstützt nicht das "Shockwace Flash" Plugin

    Ethernet IEEE802.1X Authentication may become "Unauthorized" if network is re-connected or OS rebooted.
    Workaround – Disable 802.1X Authentication-> Reboot client ->Enable 802.1X Authentication again.


Microsoft RDP


  • Only allow two RDP sessions running simultaneously.

  • Can't auto switch audio output during RDP/Citrix session connecting once plugging USB speaker device.

    Workaround Please close the session then launch it again.
  • t176L / t225L cannot support multiple displays with 3840 x 2160 resolution

    Workaround – Please change one of display less than 3840 x 2160. NOTE: Windows RDP client has the same issue.


    Citrix ICA

    ◼  Clicking on Application Selection screen of Citrix XenApp will bring the screen to the front and leave all launched applications hidden behind.
    Workaround: Use Alt+Tab to select and restore a hidden application.
  • ◼  Can't auto switch audio output during RDP/Citrix session connecting once plugging USB speaker device.
    Workaround Please close the session then launch it again.
    Citrix session performance may not be good such as system may stuck while logout or mouse cursor may be out-of-sync, etc.
    Workaround – Please disable the “HDX Adaptive Transport '' setting in Citrix policy.



 VMware PCoIP / Blast Extreme

  • VMware session would redirect USB Bluetooth devices by default and some hosts may not work well.

    Workaround – Please deny Bluetooth device ID in Redirection Rules in ACS VMware setting.

  • Occasionally opening VMware session with dragging the window, the window’s title bar would disappear.
    Workaround – Resize the window can recover it.


Parallels Client


    Hot-key behaviors such as “Windows” key cannot work normally if connect RAS public session with 4K(3840x2160) resolution on t176L and t225L thin-client.

    NOTE:It can work with lower resolution such as 2560x1440.

  •  RS-232 mapping is not supported with Parallels Client.

  •  MMR is not supported on Parallels Client session.

  •  RAS resource policy cannot override Parallels Client Policy for Parallels shortcut created by ACS

    Workaround – Use native Parallels Client for applying RAS policy



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