Atrust Release Notes zur Firmware Version 2.62-INTL Linux

Veröffentlicht am 8. Juli 2020 um 15:01

Informationen zur Atrust Linux Firmware Version 2.62-INTL

Mit der aktuellen x86 Linux Version für den t176L, t180L, t225L und den t225LQ unterstützt Atrust jetzt folgende Software:

Linux Kernel 4.11.12

Firefox web browser ESR 60.8.0

Adobe Flash Player for local Firefox web browser
Adobe Flash Player for Citrix HDX Flash Redirection
Citrix Workspace app (Default) / Citrix Receiver Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine 2.8.0-2235
VMware Horizon client 5.1.0-13956721
Parallels client 16.5.20735
ACS CCID smart card reader driver v1.1.4-1


Neue Funktionen / Änderungen zur Vorversion:

Upgrade Citrix Workspace app to

Upgrade WPA Supplicant to 2.4-1

Upgrade AnyDesk to 5.5.1
Support RDP gate way access token

Support RDP Web Feed/Web access scaling DPI
Add system information icon on desktop under Appliance mode
Add Frequency Band option in ACS Wireless setting
Add Get Hostname from DHCP option in ACS
Add clock option in taskbar section in ACS
Add H.264 decoding option for VMware Blast Extreme in ACS
Add Brother HL-1210w printer driver
Disable insecure warning message about username/password field in Firefox while connecting to non-https website.


Limitierungen / bekannte Probleme:


  • This version cannot be downgraded to 2.49-INTL or prior versions.

  • Cannot output BIOS screen with display 3 and display 4 for t225LQ. Workaround – Please use display 1 and display 2 for BIOS Setup.

  • USB 3.0 radio frequency will interference impact on 2.4GHz wireless devices. Connect wireless keyboard / mouse to rear USB 3.0 port when also using USB 3.0 device. The cursor will lag occasionally.

    Workaround – Plug wireless devices into front USB 2.0 ports when also using USB 3.0 device.


Microsoft RDP

  • Only allow two RDP sessions running simultaneously.

  • t176L / t225L / t225LQ cannot support multiple displays with 3840 x 2160 resolution

    Workaround – Please change one of display less than 3840 x 2160. NOTE: Windows RDP client has the same issue.


    Citrix ICA

    • Flash Redirection feature only supports by Flash Player 11.2 or lower version for Windows Internet Explorer which is installed on XenApp and XenDesktop's Virtual Desktop.

    • Clicking on Application Selection screen of Citrix XenApp will bring the screen to the front and leave all launched applications hidden behind. Use Alt+Tab to select and restore a hidden application.


 VMware PCoIP / Blast Extreme

VMware Horizon HTML Access is not supported.


Parallels Client

  •  "Remote Audio Playback” is not supported with Parallels Client.

  •  RS-232 mapping is not supported with Parallels Client.

  •  MMR is not supported on Parallels Client session.

  •  Printer mapping on Windows Guest OS on Parallels Client need to choose printer model manually.

    Workaround – Select “Generic” -> “MS Publisher Imagesetter”.

  •  Copy/Paste hot key may not work on some PC/Laptops models.

    Workaround – Disable “Clipboard” in Parallels client setting.

  •  Launch Word application from Parallels Client setting with Parallels RAS Universal mapping then print may meet disconnection.
    Workaround – Please use “MS Publisher Imagesetter” in Parallels Client for printer.

  •  USB disk attached on Linux client always cannot be mapped after login the publish session through Parallels Web-portal server, even hot-plug the USB disk again. Workaround – Use native Parallels Client or ACS shortcut for device mapping.

  •  RAS resource policy cannot override Parallels Client policy for Parallels shortcut created by ACS.

    Workaround – Use native Parallels Client for applying RAS policy.




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